Chi Building System – Reoccurring Shipment

If you need natural energy for your demanding life along with restoration of your Chi this Ayurvedic combination has been utilized by the most active Seekers with infallible reviews.

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This combination ships according to the frequency you select and it contains the following:


“Jing” in Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the most essential energy in the body, specifically the male sexual fluid or essence.  Jing is stored in the kidneys and is yin in nature, which means it nourishes, fuels, and cools the body. Production of semen, in the man, is believed to place a great strain on Jing energy.  When depleted, it can lead to tiredness, lethargy, sore joints, and a loss of drive.  Jing Builder is specially designed to replenish male sexual fluids when depleted and to increase the amount of those fluids under normal circumstances.  When Jing is full, potency is increased, libido is increased, climax is more intense, and rebound is quicker. Learn more about Jing Builder by clicking here.


The deepest and most essential energy in the body can be difficult to replenish. It is easily depleted through stress, sexual excess, illness and aging. Our Chulen helps the body restore this deep energy and replenish what is needed. Created in a strict formulation process, it is prepared by the Lama and Doctor Ngawang Drakpa, a Tibetan physician in Kathmandu, Nepal. He prepares chulen for many masters personal use. Consecrated by one of the greatest living masters of Buddhism, this formula can help the body refuel, replenish and restore. It is made according to strict instructions, combining over 20 Ayurvedic remedies. Their primary use is as a super vitamin that replenishes deep energy in the body. This formula is powerful and should be respected. Chulen is a Tibetan word meaning “taking the essence”. Learn more about Jing Builder by clicking here.


Harvested in Ladakh at elevations of over 3000 meters, the raw substance is processed through an elaborate series of Ayurvedic stages to produce the pure elixir found here. An energizing adaptogen, Shilajit is the premium substance for building Qi and to increase the potency of your spinal fluid. Shilajit contains over 85 minerals in ionic form including humic acid and fulvic acid. Learn more about Shilajit by clicking here.

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