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The immunity regimen is designed to boost the immune system and to help fortify you against ailments.

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THE IMMUNITY REGIMEN is designed to boost the immune system and to help fortify you against ailments.

It includes the following items below which contain complete instructions in relation to their use.



Colloidal Silver has so many applicable uses – it is a must-have. This is amongst the highest quality silver available on the market today. Utilized internally and externally, it can eradicate bacteria, infections, intestinal problems such as worms, bladder infections, athletes foot, eye infections and many other ailments that commonly plague the human body.

SUGGESTED USE the dosage is typically between one teaspoon (5mL) and one tablespoon (15mL) daily to help maintain health. One to four tablespoons taken 4 times per day can help fortify the immune system when needed. Actual dosage will vary based on individual needs.  The 250 mL bottle will provide a two weeks supply when used at a dosage of one tablespoon per day.

For more information on colloidal silver, see our FAQ


ETHERIUM BLACK $31.95   $28.75

Etherium Black supports your respiratory and immune system. It works electromagnetically rather than biochemically. Etherium Black is capable of detecting electromagnetic imbalances within any organism and neutralizing the waves and particles causing any disturbance.  It is equally effective with thoughts, emotions, and physical imbalances. Many successfully use Etherium Black for stress relief. Not only does it help reduce occasional stress itself, but it also helps to resolve the irritability that ruins your day.

SUGGESTED USE: Etherium Black’s action on the body is grounding and detoxifying. We recommend taking 2 capsules a day or up to 5 capsules in the event of the need for immediate detoxification.

For more information on Etherium Black, please see our FAQ

BLOOD PURIFIER $42   $37.80

A premium Tibetan blood cleansing formula balances plasma while cleansing and normalizing the flow.

SUGGESTED USE: Take with food or on an empty stomach 1-2 pellets in the morning or evening. Max 2 capsules per day.

For more information on Blood Purifier, please see our FAQ

MEGAHYDRATE $39.95  $35.95

Megahydrateis a powerful, food-grade antioxidant that promotes essential full-body energizing and hydration. MegaHydrate™ is hundreds of times more powerful as an antioxidant than green tea extract or grape seed extract. After 10 years of research with hydrogen (H-) studying the effects on living cells, a proprietary blend that works wonders on your water and body has finally been created. To sum it up Megahydrate increases hydration fortifies the body with antioxidant power, provides superior protection against free radicals, combats dehydration in adults, children, and pets, alkalizes the body, neutralizes degeneration, encourages waste removal in the body, and provides proper hydration to your hair, skin, and fingernails.

SUGGESTED USE: 2 capsules daily and gradually increase to 4 capsules daily

For more information on Megahydrate, please see our FAQ


DISCLAIMER: This is a dietary supplement. The Food and Drug Administration made statements about this product. This product not intends to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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