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Male Stamina

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The male stamina regimen increases male strength and stamina for energetically demanding activities.

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MALE STAMINA REGIMEN increases male strength and stamina for energetically demanding activities.

It includes the following items below which contain complete instructions in relation to their use.



Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the most essential energy in the body. It specifically targets the male sexual fluid and hereditary essence of the female.  Jing store in the kidneys and is yin in nature, which means it nourishes, fuels, and cools the body. Production of semen, in the man, believed to place a great strain on Jing energy while the monthly cycle of the woman is said to do the same.  When depleted, it can lead to tiredness, lethargy, sore joints, and a loss of drive.  When Jing is full, potency to increase, libido to increase, the climax is more intense, and rebound is quicker.

SUGGESTED USE: 2 capsules 30 minutes before or after food, twice per day.  While it is best not to exceed 4 capsules per day. Let your body be your guide in developing a program.  For maximum absorption empty contents into the mouth and allow to absorb into the saliva, add warm water, mix and swallow.

For more information on Jing, please see our FAQ


Shilajit is the premium substance for building Qi and to increase the potency of your spinal fluid. Its contains over 85 minerals in an ionic form including humic acid and fulvic acid. Harvested in Ladakh at elevations of over 3000 meters. The raw substance process through an elaborate series of Ayurvedic stages to produce the pure elixir found here.

SUGGESTED USE: 1 peppercorn size amount in the morning or before a workout. Do not exceed 2 peppercorns per day.  For maximum absorption allow to dissolve in warm liquid first and then ingest.

For more information on Shilajit, please see our FAQ


Chulen is created in a strict formulation process, it is preparing the Lama and Doctor Ngawang Drakpa, a Tibetan physician in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is made according to strict instructions, combining over 20 Ayurvedic remedies. this formula may help the body refuel, replenish and restore. Their primary use is as a super vitamin that replenishes deep energy in the body.

SUGGESTED USE: One pellet in the morning before food. For maximum absorption, crush the pellet in the mouth, add warm water, mix and swallow.

For more information on Chulen, please see our FAQ


Colloidal Platinum is an all natural mineral supplement consisting of nanometer particles of 0.9995 pure platinum suspended in pure deionized water. It does not interact with or interfere with other supplements, vitamins or medications. it specializes in tissue regeneration for those who engage in rigorous workouts that often take the body to its limits. Colloidal platinum also promotes increased libido in both males & females. So, tt reports promoting healthy tissue regeneration. It believes to increase the electrical transmission across the synapses within the brain to promote general tissue regeneration of the neurological tissues.

SUGGESTED USE: one teaspoon (5mL) daily to help maintain health. Up to three tablespoons per day can help fortify the immune system. Actual dosage will vary based on individual needs. So, The 250ml bottle will provide two weeks supply when used at a dosage of one tablespoon per day.

For more information on Colloidal Platinum, please see our FAQ


Regeneration Salve is the go-to element for just about anything in relation to pain, inflammation, mineral absorption, headaches, skin issues, etc. the list goes on and on because that’s just how powerful the highest quality Magnesium in combination with Zeolite and a few other very potent elements such as Arnica and Lobelia truly are.   

SUGGESTED USE: For topical use only: Apply a moderate amount to the inflamed area or area of desired absorption and massage in well twice a day. Use on joints and sensitive areas for preventive maintenance.

DISCLAIMER: This is a dietary supplement. The Food and Drug Administration made statements about this product have not been evaluated. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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