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Master Meditation Array

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The master meditation regimen assists with internal balance and heightened clarity for advanced meditation.

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Agar 35

Agar 35 is a remedy for anxiety and stress complicated by heat and blood stasis. It manages internal imbalances that cause nervousness and attention deficit. The treatment principles for this multi-element solution are to course the liver, rectify the qi, fortify the spleen, supplement the qi, nourish the heart, quiet the spirit, transform phlegm, clear heat and quicken the blood. Named after its primary ingredient agaru, it contains a unique blend of 35 remedies.


Semde is a traditional Tibetan compound (Sem-kyi De-kyid or Sem-de) consists of 18 remedies meant for irritability, lack of concentration, mental dullness, stress, depression and other types of anxiety related conditions. Its name simply translates to “mental happiness” or “happiness of the mind.” Semde is also known for its rehabilitation properties from potent drugs especially when used in conjunction with Agar 35. Semde emphasizes the clarity (gsal-ba) or the innate awareness (rig-pa) aspect of the natural state.


Bimala, also known as Vimala, is a traditional Tibetan formula developed in the 8th century by the great Indian master Vimalamitra. Widely used for conditions ranging from nervousness, stress, lack of concentration to insomnia and restlessness. Often recommended for meditators and people who are seeking a more calm and balanced mind. Bimala is a chief remedy in Tibetan medicine. It is described thoroughly in Vimalamitra’s 84,000 healing therapies as an agent against mental instability.

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