Golden Intonation


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Energy, frequency, and vibration make up the entire universe. Many of the elements in our daily experience are jarring and disharmonic, creating imbalances in our personal vibratory energy field. Bringing ourselves (our-cells) into balance and learning how to maintain that balance is the ultimate mission here at Secret Energy.

The Golden Intonation is a series of perfectly harmonious phi-based frequencies which can greatly assist in achieving personal vibratory balance and a strong energy field. The notes have a soothing and calming effect, helping erase tension headaches and reduce stress and anxiety.

Make it a daily habit to plug into the golden mean, nature’s perfect intonation, for optimal harmony and wholeness. For more information and tangible strategies to strengthen your energy field, check out our Innerversity course on balancing your vibratory energy.

Calibrated with perfection by frequency masters. 5 limit intonation perfect whole number ratios. 12 notes and root for a total of 13.

Root frequency of C = 256 Hz

0: 256.000000000 Hertz
1: 273.066666667 Hertz
2: 288.000000000 Hertz
3: 307.200000000 Hertz
4: 320.000000000 Hertz
5: 341.333333333 Hertz
6: 358.400000000 Hertz
7: 384.000000000 Hertz
8: 409.600000000 Hertz
9: 426.666666667 Hertz
10: 460.800000000 Hertz
11: 480.000000000 Hertz
12: 512.000000000 Hertz

Track Duration – 14 minutes 40 Seconds

File Type Provided – FLAC Lossless & MP3 320

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