Monatomic Copper


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M1 Pure Monatomic Copper has been used for thousands of years for its metaphysical properties. It has now been enhanced via alchemical preparation. 

M1 Exotic matter is high-grade lab-made fuel for the non-local energetic body. Monatomic clusters to accelerate the energetic field. 

Identity: Monatomic Copper

Formula: mCu (copper) mMg (magnesium)

Format: Liquid stabilized in ionic solution (Mg+ 2.3 mg/lt)

Miron glass bottle with upside-down plastic dropper. Screw tamper evident childproof cap. A specific ‘shielding’ process is performed to generate a retro-print that “locks” the monoatomic clusters, preventing the reproduction processes through radionic copy machines (Rae, Bruce Copens, etc.) 

Method: oral (O)

Quantity: 30ml (1.1 fl oz / 600 drops)

Suggested Use:

Adults: 3-4 drops, 2x to 3x per day
12 years of age and older: 1-2 drops per day or as professionally prescribed

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