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Hydrolux has now been upgraded to the new Hydrolux Go+ available here https://store.secretenergy.com/product/hydrolux-go/

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Hydrolux has now been upgraded to the new Hydrolux Go+ available here https://store.secretenergy.com/product/hydrolux-go/

Hydrolux is the best molecular hydrogen water generator and here is why.

Safe Hydrogen Production

The Hydrogen generator market is saturated with cheap toxic devices that are often more dangerous than the health benefits they claim. This has prevented the world from knowing the true benefits of hydrogen. The creators of Hydrolux partnered with the pioneers of hydrogen science to produce a safe high-quality device.

Highest Hydrogen Concentration

Hydrolux produces over 3000 ppb of hydrogen per session making it 2x more productive than the top hydrogen generator on the market currently. Unlike its competitor, the Lourdes Hydrofix which costs $2499 the Hydrolux is more cost-efficient and has greater hydrogen production.

Patented Membrane and Pressure Sealing Cap

Each Hydrolux is equipped with a patented membrane and patent-pending cap. These components in conjunction with a double-walled glass chamber allow Hydrolux to exceed all previous efforts of infusing water with hydrogen amounts over 3000 ppb.

No Consumables

Hydrolux will produce hydrogen consistently with proper care and does not require expensive solutions and frequent membrane replacements like our competitors.


Hydrolux is portable and can be used multiple times on one charge. This allows you to consume hydrogen on the go! Hydrolux can also be used while being charged and can also be charged by an external USB battery.

Inhalation Apparatus (sold separately)

Hydrolux can be equipped with a Cannula with our special inhalation cap. This allows you to ingest hydrogen in a method studies say have additional benefits.

Great Taste

There are endless health benefits to hydrogen consumption however the great taste of the water it produces is unmistakable. Molecular Hydrolyzed water is light and velvety and creates a noticeable difference in the water since it decreases the surface tension allowing high absorption. This promotes continuous consumption and hydration.

Authentic Clinical Research

The benefits of hydrogen are documented by doctors and chemists worldwide and ongoing research continues at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute. You can now have a device that can produce the right amount of hydrogen to enjoy those benefits. Want to learn more about the benefits of hydrogen for the body? See the following articles.

Hydrogen Research

Device Specifications

Download the Manual

Holds 450ml of Molecular Hydrogen Water Per Serving

Portable with USB charging capability

Produces approximately 3000+ ppb per session


Repair and replacement.

  1. Hydrolux is backed by a 6 month limited warranty against malfunction. Any accidental or intentional damage to the device by the user will void this warranty. In such case the purchaser will be responsible for repair fees.
  2. Warranty services should be done by an authorized Hydrolux repair facility. If your device is malfunctioning please contact support.

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