Solfeggio Drone – 396Hz or 852Hz


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These 528Hz and 432Hz Solfeggio Drones are designed in the most unique way creating an isochronic reverberating effect in conjunction with rich Solfeggio frequencies.

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These drones are not just made they are birthed as their creator places a unique emphasis on his formation of these Solfeggio Flutes. For those who think they need extensive lessons to play the flute beautifully think again, Native American style flutes are ready to play amazingly even by a novice. Offering a deep rich soothing tone Solfeggio Flutes can be used for a wide range of activities. Tap into your universal line of communication and begin emitting these unique tones.

The healing sounds of Solfeggio have volumes of study behind them. Feel free to do extensive research on this musical phenomena. What makes our drones unique is it’s very rare to find flutes specifically tuned to A=444Hz (C=528Hz). Due to the nature of how these flutes are procured no two drones are alike. We offer them in various sizes based on what has been created. Do not mistake size for power all flutes small or large have unique powerful tones.

Equally powerful and compatible as far as tuning standards we also provide 432Hz droness for those who enjoy this harmonic resonance. The formal name for this tuning is called “Scientific Pitch” or “Verdi Tuning” and it was first proposed in 1713 by French physicist Joseph Sauveur. It was also later supported by the Schiller Institute starting in the 1980s, although there are reports of many instruments from around the world that have been naturally tuned to 432 Hz pitch by ear, as it feels more appropriate.

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